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About Phyllis


Phyllis has been an elementary school teacher most of her working life.  She started in NYC, has taught in California and here in the Lehigh Valley.  She has been a volunteer chaplain at Phoebe Home, Allentown for the past eight years. 


The thread that winds through both of these activities is storytelling.  She loves to read and act out stories for children of all ages.  Phyllis is Programs Chair of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, better known as GLVWG.  GLVWG members encouraged her to write for Lilies of the Valley, the newsletter of the Parish Nurse Coalition of the Greater Lehigh Valley, where she is a contributing editor.  Her passion is writing inspirational articles about God’s hand in the different areas of her life.

About Kay

A longtime overseas resident, artist/illustrator Kay recently returned to the Lehigh Valley. She received her BA from Lehigh University and her Masters in Illustration from Syracuse. Kay is on the board of the Lehigh Art Alliance, exhibits with the Paint Box Art Club of Nazareth and is a founding member of the Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley.


Kay aspires to help the reader step into Phyllis’ charming world, characters and story. She uses Lehigh Valley vistas and images; a red barn and its neighboring fields of corn, a local artist’s charming pig sculptures and the mallards of the Monocacy Creek. You may find the farm, fields and fairgrounds look familiar!

Thank you Phyllis and Bart for this inspiring journey to bring Phyllis’ dream to fruition.

About Emily

Emily Dawn Snyder is a mural artist, portraitist and illustrator.  She earned her BFA-Painting, at King University, Bristol Tennessee.  She has executed extensive mural art for homes, restaurants and commercial spaces.  She especially loves the traditional, classical look of Italian architecture and landscapes. 


Emily works in acrylic, oils or mixed media and has done children’s rooms in light, innocent and uplifting themes.  She has also done cover art for books.  Farmer Bonnie and Molly the Missing Mule is her first full-length children’s book.

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