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The Adventures of Farmer Bonnie is a series about life on a Pennsylvania farm.  Suitable for ages 6-7, or a bright four or five-year-old, Farmer Bonnie brings chuckles to adult readers while amusing the younger ones.  Great "read aloud" stories.

Children's picture book
Farmer Bonnie and Molly the Mule

Volume One, Farmer Bonnie and Sally the Sad Sow, follows Farmer Bonnie as she tries to find a solution for her formerly happy pig, Sally, who has become despondant.  





Volume Two, Farmer Bonnie and Molly the Missing Mule.  Find out what happens when Molly, one of the mules on Farmer Bonnie's farm, mysteriously disappears one December night.

"This story has heart and soul. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these two characters."

"I read it to my grandchildren and we have it in our 'keeper' section of books so we can read it over and over."

"Phyllis Palamaro is a fantastic storyteller - her heart is on display in this second book, which once again has a message all dressed up in a fun story."

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